Our Services

1) Strategic Staff Recruitment
2) Merger, Sale, Acquisition
3) Staff Evaluation / Team Building / Succession Planning
4) New Business Cold Call Initiatives

1) Strategic Staff Recruitment

From some of the earliest discussions with potential Clients it was apparent that finding the best people for all positions was one of the most challenging business tasks. It was also obvious that a high percentage of hires ended in failure. This was especially evident in the Sales side of the business. In the evolutionary process of the commercial print business in this time frame owners could not afford the expense and lost opportunity costs associated with poor hires. Moore and Associates recognized our years of experience and long list of contacts would position us well to assist our Clients find the best candidates and get them in the right positions. This is where our strategic approach and unique methods began to take shape using workplace behavioral assessment tools. It is not just education and experience that counts. Today, our Clients are telling us behavior, or personality, accounts for upwards of 40% of the hiring decision. Our unique approach to recruitment allows us to understand our Clients people requirements from the perspective of education, experience and behavior. Then we go to work to find, assess, interview and prescreen all candidates to bring only the best to the Client interview stage.

2) Merger, Sale, Acquisition

Today it is evident that print, as a product, is in decline. The good news is it is not dead. Print remains viable when it is part of a much broader value proposition which includes a multi channel approach, the 1 to 1 variability of digital and all the social and cross media tools available today. During the recessionary period of 2009/2010 and the slow recovery period of 2011/2012 other factors such as continued over capacity, compressed pricing and less print volume has created additional challenges for even the best managed commercial print businesses. Many successful businesses have been built on one shift operations with the vision to grow sales to maximize equipment utilization through second and third shifts. Organic sales growth is very difficult, if not impossible today. The slow to recover economy has created a situation where receivables have never been worse in a period where investment in the most efficient hardware, software and workflow tools needs to be aggressive. Moore and Associates believes that 2012 will be the year for “merger, sale or acquisition”. We are well positioned to put like minded business owners together to reduce overhead, expand value propositions and maximize equipment capacity. Moore and Associates encourages their Clients to consider buy, sell, merge activity as part of the overall strategy for profitability and long term survival

3) Staff Evaluation, Team Building, Succession Planning

Moore and Associate’s unique approach to strategic recruiting using workplace behavioral assessment tools also has meaningful value in such areas as staff evaluation, team building and succession planning. During 2009, 2010, and 2011 much of this activity took a back seat to the day to day operation and keeping the front doors open during the recession. We believe 2012 will see a renewed focus on the most important asset of any business – its people. During the recession many great companies took the opportunity to right size but with even a modest recovery must now make sure they have the right people and that all teams are working well as they focus on the overall business goals. Moore and Associates can be a very viable outside resource to define jobs, plan strategy, build teams, communicate, coach, mentor, deal with conflict, develop managers and leaders, and help plan succession. We are available to help evaluate current staff to make sure the right people are in the right positions to take full advantage of the recovery. The “team building” aspect has never been more important. We can assist to help individual team members understand themselves, understand other team members, value the differences and adjust communication style to focus more time and energy on corporate goals. This process is also critical if buy or merge activity is part of a growth strategy. Putting business together can be complicated but knowing the “people assets” from a behavioral perspective is definitely a contributing factor to early success.

4) New Business / Cold Call Initiatives

As stated earlier organic sales growth is, at the very least, difficult to accomplish. With compressed pricing and reduced volumes even the true “hunters” from a sales perspective are less likely to find new business. We believe that it takes 5 to 7 touch points to get to a prospective Client’s front door. It is also a given that individual Sales reps must quote 3 to 4 times the actual dollar volume they are budgeted to sell because they won’t get every job. This becomes a true “numbers game” challenge and few Sales types are capable of creating the churn of activity necessary to grow. And getting to the front door is only part of the challenge. What do you say and who do you take to assist in that first meeting with a prospective Client? Do you have the right marketing material, presentation material and can you deliver a presentation effectively etc.
We believe it is critical that New Business / Cold Call Initiatives need to be corporately driven and sponsored to be successful growing organic sales in today’s challenging environment. Our experience tells us that many sales teams only have one, maybe two, true “hunters” on staff. How do you get the “farmers” to hunt? How do you create enough activity in a “numbers game” environment? How do you generate enough “warm leads” for all members of the Sales team and create the discipline to make sure this new business activity gets attention every day? Moore and Associates can help develop this process in a proactive and positive format to bring all members of the Sales Team into the program.