Bob Moore's Bio

Bob Moore was introduced to the print/graphics sector by his father where he has been employed exclusively since earning journeyman status as a Lithographer and working in the trade at General Printers for 10 years in the 60’s and 70’s. His first Sales assignment was with Ilford Photo where he traveled as a “dealer representative” while building a personal sales territory in Ontario. A short time later he moved to McCutcheon Graphics (Fuji) to a very interesting and rewarding Sales career in the heyday of the “analog” workflow. In the early 80’s Bob was promoted to the position of Sales Manager of the McCutcheon Graphics Toronto branch and this assignment with the industry leader took him to Christmas of 1990. During this time the Fuji products took off in Canada and McCutcheons enjoyed up to a 75% market share for film, proofing, and plates while also selling a full line of pre-press equipment which included proprietary scanners, colour correction and image manipulation hardware and software. After McCutcheons Bob Moore held several senior Marketing and VP Sales roles at Litho Plus, the Laird Group, Gandalf Graphics and was a partner / owner at Adanac Graphics. Following his last full time industry assignment in 2006 at the AIIM Group he went on to establish a successful entry in to the consulting side of the business with the help and guidance of Pilot Graphic Management Services. In 2007 Bob opened his own consulting business under the name Moore and Associates. In the time leading up to opening Moore & Associates, Bob is quick to acknowledge the good fortune and privilege to work with and learn from so many of the industries leaders who have influenced him greatly during a working career spanning 40+ years. Ward Appleton, George Williams, John McCutcheon, Al Illies, Murray McNevan, Bob Leith, David Batten, Larry Downey, Bob Dale, and Gord Griffiths to name a few. Bob has been active in several Industry Associations and served on the Boards of The Ontario Pre-Press Association (OPPA), The Digital Imaging Association (DIA) and the Ontario Printing Industry Association (OPIA).

Bob’s career began in the trade in the analog workflow days of silver halide film, hand development, manual stripping and wipe on plates. In the late 70’s and early 80’s he was front and centre in the sales environment when high end, expensive proprietary colour scanning, retouching and pagination systems started to evolve. At the same time photo typesetting came of age and the digital era began in earnest while advances in automatic film and plate processors continued to refine and speed up the analog methodology. In the late 80’s and early 90’s desktop publishing began to take hold and digital workflows really started to replace the old analog methods as they were much faster and cheaper. Bob was back in the commercial pre-press and print sector managing Sales teams when the Indigo digital printing presses burst onto the scene in the mid 1990’s. From a sales and marketing perspective he was exposed to this dynamic technology with the very first units coming into Canada and has been part of the digital print evolution from the early days of print on demand to the full variable data, 1 to 1 capability we have today.

Simply put, Bob has seen the evolution of print from the analog workflows of the 60’s through to the incredible horsepower of today’s digital technologies and workflows. He has personally witnessed print’s heyday and to some degree its decline today as many baby boomers retire and younger generations prefer smart phones and I pads with social media, multi channel marketing capability. Even though this evolution has taken the better part of 6 decades print is not dead and Bob Moore still has the energy and enthusiasm to be a contributor.

Establishing Moore & Associates 8 years ago was the perfect way to extend a long and rewarding career by providing a range of products and services based on the privilege to know many of the industries most successful business people over the years, gaining a wealth of knowledge and combining this with the energy and enthusiasm to help the best companies survive and prosper in a much different era. Bob acknowledges the privilege of working with many Clients on different projects for the ability to stay current and understand today’s technical and business trends. In addition, Moore & Associates believes fervently in the principles of honesty, integrity, and confidentiality which are applied to all business activities on a daily basis.